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Originally Posted by Monkeypaws View Post
As you read through or watch tips and advice on how to throw better, the thing that strikes me is how many variables there are, and how screwing up one of them means a bad shot.

•Slow, then fast pull
•landing on heel instead of toe
•follow through
•keeping disc on constant plane through release
•weight shift
•hip rotation
•nose angle
•towel snap vs. wide looping motion

Is there a proper order to address these?

Which one is most important?
the unsatisfactory answer is none and all of them. You could say the throw works like a rube Goldberg machine. When it all comes together you say "well, there it goes". But when it stops short you are back at square one and the momentum is lost. So no one part of it is most important... but you have to put it all together.

but if I was going to say one? Follow through. Because if your snap was right the follow through should be right and vice versa... also it is what I am working on most right now.
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