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Originally Posted by davistd0 View Post
Reach back all the way, so your shoulders are almost facing 180 degrees from the line you want to throw. To reach back this far, your hips will have to rotate back as well to stay balanced, maybe trailing your shoulders by 45 degrees. Then as your plant foot comes down (if you are doing a run up), your hips/legs should start the rotation forward. Then your chest/shoulders, then the elbow/forearm straight across your chest, followed by the disc. The power comes from the deep reach back that causes your whole body to wind-up and store energy. Gettting this down to a smooth, natural flow is vital because it will allow you to focus all the stored energy into the moment of release.
Listen to this guy.

Think of it as "loading the spring" when you twist. This helped me understand what was going on much better.
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