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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
now it makes more sense, i couldn't figure out what was going on with the middle route or if you meant for there to be a middle route.

maybe it's just my ability but i feel like there isn't enough height on the far right route to allow a shot to get to the basket; or maybe you designed it that way since for me it seems to be by far the safest and easiest route to take. i thought i threw a pretty good shot twice and was still looking at a 40 footer. though again, it could just be my lack of skill.

as far as par for the reds, the way you put it makes sense if it is par for red level players. though you will definitely get some debate on that.
Yeah, I couldn't really tell if there was an intentional middle fairway on that hole at first either. It didn't dawn on me until my 3rd trip out there. I think to a lot of NC DGers, that it's gonna look very jungle-ly/too natural. It's not something I've ever seen before (that was done on purpose). I think it's pretty sweet though, a little fairway refinement and it'll be gold IMO.
Originally Posted by sloppydisc View Post

Hole 6 probably needs some high limbs cut on the rhbh route right now. The big sky hyzer route isn't quite opened yet. The middle sections are pretty tight as they offer the shortest path to the basket. The RHFH route IMO still needs some work. Nobody really throws it because the angle is a little funky right now, and the straighter FH route seems much wider and easier to hit. Noah, Jeff and myself decided to play it some more before we did any drastic trimming or cutting. We can only cut things down once, and don't want to turn that hole into an overly simple one. The only sure bet is that we need to open up the height on the two outside routes. I have been traveling for work a ton, and didn't get out there last weekend. I'll try to get out this weekend, but need to leave early Monday again so no guarantees. I'll try to clean up the big trees on 14, and then maybe head to 6 and take a look.
I think the hyzer fairway is pretty good as is. I threw an Eagle (I think) pretty easily down the middle and landed right beside that giant ant hill, some 15-20' short of the basket. If I had used all the available ceiling I think it could have reached the basket. I wouldn't make that line too open or it would probably be the only one that gets played IMO.

One thing I've thought was somewhat peculiar is that the 2 really long holes where you can play just about 2 different fairways the whole way (can't put the names to the faces quite yet), it seems like the right route is brutally longer and tougher. If you have any FH at all the left seems much easier. I know hole 17 is one of them, and the other I think is hole 7 (the one with that wicker wall thing on it, by that person's house?).

Shaping up to be a great, great course and a welcome addition to NC. Can't wait for concrete tees. I really like hole 2 as well, kind of surprised that it's a pro par of 4, I think a pro should be able to do that comfortably.
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