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Originally Posted by Stemplejg View Post
So what I'm taking from this is the following. Physical Flight is a small company that has taken on more then they can handle. This might just be me but, common sense says, take care of the company that got you going, and don't let it take a back seat!

I appreciate that PF is trying to be a game changer, and expand in the overall sport, but don't put out miss leading information, and don't take on more then you can handle. From where I'm sitting, game changer or not a company is only as good as its core values, and PF's core values aren't looking to hot right now!
Please don't be confused Physical Flight, SD , and my medical practice are equally important to me and my values have not changed.

The bags are being made as we speak (both Contender and Skirmish). I will not post a date on shipping until I can be 100% sure it can be met which is how PF has always been run so I can assure you our values have not changed.

The reason I can offer prices that I do on bags is directly related to my day job as a physician and not having to mark up prices 100% so I ask that everyone be patient and I will do my best to have pics/video of 2nd run Contender this upcoming week as well the Skirmish the next week.
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