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Have had my Ergo and been able to play several rounds with it. It feels phenomenal on the back with weight distribution. It is definitely a back saver for longer rounds and tournaments. The bottom material, like said before, is questionable. I'll probably get some liner for it as well. The side zippered pockets are almost not even worth putting there. You can fit your phone in one and... that's about it. They are so shallow you can't really fit too much else.

I tuck the tongue into the big pocket and use that pocket to put my wallet/keys/extra towel and whatnot. The one thing i dont like, however, is the rainfly. Imo the rainfly should be sewn to the bag in the pocket where it stores and the hood should branch off that. So you dont HAVE to put the hood on for the bag to be covered properly and taught. A DOWNPOUR hit on Saturday and i gave up figuring out how to put the damn thing on and just took off running and the rainfly was like a cape. hah.
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