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For everyone playing in the inbounds Open tomorrow, here is the hole layout & OB information. If you don't feel like writing this down, no will be on the back of your scorecard. Please take note of the requirements on hole 18. Par is 58:

1 (Long) – Water and across is OB
2 (Default) – Parking lot, concrete path and across is OB
3 (Default) – Tennis Courts and parking lot OB
4 (Default) – Water and across is OB
5 (Long, not across creek) – Water and across is OB as well as the parking lot near basket, this is marked by paint and survey flags
6 (Default)
7 (Long) – Water is OB. Players can choose not to throw and take their 3rd shot from the drop zone. Any player that throws in the water shall take their next shot from the drop zone and incur a penalty. The Drop Zone is marked with paint and 2 survey flags.
8 (Default)
9 (Default) – Water and across is OB
10 (Default)
11 (Default)
12 (Default)
13 (Default) – Creek and across is OB
14 (Long) – Water and across is OB, as is the gravel path
15 (Long) – Gravel path is OB
16 (Default)
17 (Long) – Gravel path and across is OB
18 (Long) – Water is OB. NOTE! If you don’t make it past the first stream of water from the tee, you must throw from the Drop Zone. Also, the gravel path/bridge and beyond is OB.
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