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Default Good Distance and How Far is a "Putt"?

I have been playing for a whole week now (completed nine 9-hole rounds) and had some general questions.

Today I was playing alone at our local course (Westmoreland DGC) when I came on a group of three and they asked me to join. There was a father and daughter who had been playing three years, the father a par thrower on the course and the daughter a bogey thrower. In addition there was a mystical 71-year-old Asian man who made a birdie on every hole but one.

For the entire course I was using a 168 Innova Shark, and the father said I should be using a driver on the tee instead. On one of the longer holes I threw it about 280 feet, which led Psy (the Asian guy's name) to say that I threw far using a mid-range. So, the long way around, those are my first questions:

1) Do I need to/should I use a driver to tee off?
2) Is 260-280 feet a good throw for a beginner with a Shark or should I be looking to get more out of it? I have thrown two 290+ foot throws, and can get 260+ on almost every throw.
3) Would I throw farther if I increased or decreased the weight of the disk, or is this more of a form issue?

While we were playing I confirmed what the internet has told me about the importance of putting. Two great throws coupled with the need to putt twice...or three times...isn't very effective. This has made me to want to practice putting more than anything, which leads to my other questions:

4) If 30 feet is the ring in which the putting rules apply, should I practice putts past 30 feet or should I be making an extra throw to try and get into a range I feel more comfortable putting?
5) Should I get a dedicated putter, and if so, should it be heavier than my mid-range? The reason I ask about the weight is because my wife has a 150 Cobra that I seem to throw straighter than I do with my 168 Shark or her 160 Cobra.
6) When putting with my Shark I seem to get a much straighter line if I release it with an anhyzer. Is this normal?

Thanks for any answers or advice.
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