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Originally Posted by knettles View Post
Well, IF you are getting 260-280 with a Shark, then you're doing better than 95% of disc golfers when they first started out. In which case you could definitely step up to a fairway driver for longer shots. And yes, a putter is a very important disc to have. Many people will tell you the 170g is a safe weight to get for a putter.
Thanks for the info, I'll go see if I can get a putter soon.

I've gone out for three days to my local turf football field and I can throw 75 yards without a step or effort and 85-90 yards with two steps using the Shark. I have thrown three throws that are over 91 yards but I can not figure out for the life of me what I am doing different with my form to make it happen, but they look and feel so much better.

The driver I have is a Boss, which I know for certain is too much of a disk for me, but I purchased it before I read about that being an advanced disc.
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