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I don't ever throw forehand off the tee...unless I'm at Bird's Ruins.

The short pin position plays like an "L," the long like a "C." I've only birdied this hole twice, and each time it was with my terrible forehand, a champ Banshee, and lots of luck. I stopped throwing backhand here because there's really no line for it and I'd always end up searching for my disc 100' feet down the hill. Not fun.

It's very difficult to get a good sense of how this hole plays from a picture. It plays slightly down hill, for the first part of the "c," then back uphill for the second half. Throwing backhand is basically taking a 2 out of the picture unless you get a miracle kick. You need to make it at least half way around the c even to have a look at the basket, and there are so many random trees, the jump putt is hardly an option.

This is my least favorite hole on the course. There's really only one line, the RHFH meathook hyzer, and there are so many random trees that there is way too much luck involved. I picked this for my least favorite on the survey.

So long story short, you don't want to BH here. Your anhyzer putter line will probably not make it around the bend enough to give you a good chance at a 3 (that's because there are some spindly trees that force you to throw a super tight line that finishes right: you can see this from the pictures really). Just pick your most stable disc, throw it on a hyzer line, and pray.

Edited to add: I've taken more 5s on this hole than I'd like to admit. A 3 is a good score here.
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