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Lost an Innova Champion Valkyrie to the right woods on hole # 9 in Chanhassen's (MN) Bandemere Park. I had the better part of a decade with this disc and I have found no suitable replacement on my shelf. I'm at a stage of grief where the loss has made me lose the love of disc golf.

I had a half hour of daylight last Tuesday night to try to find it without success. I came back at 7:30 am the next morning and looked for much longer but without any success. Not a terribly busy course but I can't be sure that someone didn't play it earlier that morning and caught a glimpse of it.

This disc was phenomenol for my forearm (long and accurate) and also my best hammer disc by far. Probably not my longest disc for backhands, but one of my most accurate. I knew that it's loss would bite. Last summer I had AirTraffic weigh it in (169 g) and I was able to purchase a used one (168 g, also a Champion Valk), thinking that it would be a perfect clone.

Now that I'm forced to start using it, it flys like a completely different disc. Much more apt to hyzer on backhand shots. Instead of a subtle left to right s-curve on my forehands, it's much more pronounced and doesn't seem to give me the same distance. As a hammer throw, it doesn't go nearly as far, slinks off farther to the right and doesn't have enough air to come back to the left like my other one would.

The forces at work on my lost disc were 6-7 hot summers stored under my car seat. It also saw a lot of hammer throws. Plenty of direct impacts with trees, though the edges of the championship plastic held up very well. My assumption is that it became much more understable with the years of use.

How do I remake this disc?

I'm thinking that the obvious answer is to just use my replacement a whole lot and that it will eventually get there since it's the same weight. My assumption is that the weight really wouldn't be affected much by age, just the form of the disc. I will also keep an eye out for used ones online that have taken some abuse.

Is there a good short term fix for something that will fly similar if I go out and purchase a new one? Would a Champion Valkyrie with a lighter weight make it go farther and hold the straighter line I'm looking for? Or would a lighter weight mess with me in other ways (like wind)? Or should I stick with the same weight and consider another disc with a lower stability rating? Any idea what an Innova Valk would translate to on Discraft's stability rating?

This is the hardest loss I've ever had to deal with in disc golf. I'm a terrible backhander and my game grew up in the early stages throwing a forerm with that disc. It gave me the accuracy that I needed while still giving me enough distance to handle intermediate drives.
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