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Originally Posted by DG_player View Post
I always find the physics of disc golf be very interesting and I was pondering this question while playing the other day:

What is the optimum launch angle to achieve max distance?

For any object thrown in a vacuum, this angle is 45 degrees. When you throw in the effects the air, like lift and drag, this changes immensely. For a golf ball drive it's around 15 degrees. I'm guessing for a golf disc since it flies like a wing and thus presumably generates more lift than a golf ball, that there is a lower optimal trajectory.

So from your experience, what have you found to be the optimal launch trajectory for max distance (assuming adequate power and technique to properly throw a driver)?

Feel free to specify lines and discs as well.
This has less to do with the specific question you had than it does disc physics... Check out the stuff by the DiscWing guys. Their masters thesis was on disc flight physics. Its over at their company website. I used their research to do a 15 minute presentation on the physics of disc flight last fall for a physics of everyday things course, and their research was tremendously useful. I also feel like I "understand" my plastic a lot more as a result.
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