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Originally Posted by discspeed View Post
They can't change America...we like NEW things. That's basically where Prodigy's momentum lies so far...they are new and interesting.
Originally Posted by Three Putt View Post
Very true. Take a disc like the Aurora MS. Great disc. In the late 90's you saw Aurora MS all over; they were a new disc in a new plastic and the biggest thing going in mids at that time. No one is talking about it now; it has been on the market for 18 years. It probably has enough of a following to stay in production, but the M4 is going to outsell it by thousands this summer because the M4 is new.

How many M4's will Prodigy be selling in 18 years? Impossible to say. If they are not selling, the naming might make it hard to squeeze another disc in there and still have the naming system make sense.

I wasn't into the scene back then so I don't know but, though I do agree with you, I feel Prodigy is different because of the Team of top pros they have pulled from other makers and the fact that right now they are winning everything. As long as they keep that team I think they're going to be around for a while.

Now whether or not their plastic will be worth big bucks someday, or right now, like some people on FB seem to think remains to be seen and is a different argument lol.

Originally Posted by KHud06 View Post
I got to feel 300 and 400 today at the store, oh my god I was in love with 300 and really liked 400.
This is the big reason for me......yes they have the new factor...but I've seen new discs before...Prodigy has been one of the few I picked up and actually went...WOW...that feels was instant...thats why I had to try them
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