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Originally Posted by DiscinFiend View Post
I'm glad you said that I did not know that, I was told Discmania & Millennium were both sister companies of Innova. If Millennium isn't a sister company then why are Innova pros allowed to throw Discmania & Millennium discs in competition?
Because these brands clearly don't represent or promote the disc-making abilities of any other company. They're designed by the same guy, made by the same factory, but marketed and branded with more "indie" approaches.

While I was at MILL it was explained to me that the company remained in Innova's good graces as a means to keep their hand in the pockets of players who didn't want to support the big giant. I do believe that MILL was founded and existed as a more experimental brand, being the first to market a premium plastic and a top-down logically simplistic lineup. The vision was muddied once all the original parties were out of the picture in 2010 or so. But the core of the brand was very different than Innova, and often at odds with Innova's approach. There were still only 8 models in the Millennium lineup as of 2009... that's as un-Innova as it gets.

There are still things I admire greatly about the old original Millennium. They're good folks who run it now but it's not the same vision.
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