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Originally Posted by DiscinFiend View Post
Thanks for the info, it's greatly appreciated. Can you explain Discmania's connection to Innova?
I really don't know much about it, never have. It's safe to say the forum opinion is that it's a similar relationship as INN to MILL, some vague supply-only role.

My positive first-thought on Discmania is that they've built a great stateside presence over the past couple years, for being Euro-based at the core of their vibe and earlier years. I love the unique driver tops they've used, that was a great investment. They get heat for the horror-comic style in their graphic stamps, but take the shield stamps in context, and there's a brilliant range and language in there, and it's executed really well. They've always had a forward-thinking, very solid graphic vibe. And the discs, those are good stuff too
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