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Alright, time for a big write up. With pictures, of course~

Years playing/experience: 1 and a few months
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: Right
Throwing Style: Almost all drives are forehand, approaches are about 50/50, putting is backhand. Can you even putt forehand?
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver:
Rhyno: 200 and under
Cobra: 200 to 250+
XL: 250 to probably 280, although I'm sure I've gotten 300 with them before.

Age: 20
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: None that I can think of
Other sport proficiencies?: I played ultimate for a little while, but all I could do was run fast and catch, I couldn't throw for beans.
Additional Information:
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?: I like how I don't have trouble choosing a disc for a shot. Usually.
Specific areas of desired feedback: Anything missing?
Immediate and long-term goals: I'd like to have more consistency in the short-term, and gain some additional distance in the long-term.


168 Elite X XL (6/10): Understable driver. It likes to turn, almost always ends to the left. For understable types of shots. If I could figure out how to hyzerflip it, it'd probably go really far. But I can't seem to hyzerflip drivers. Need to work on that. Also use it on the rare backhand drive.

168 Elite Z XL (8/10): Probably would be the go-to driver. Really straight, with some fade at the end. Nothing too crazy though.

168 DX Banshee (10/10) Haven't actually thrown it yet, but I'm hoping it'll be/wear into something that'll get out a little farther than my Champion Banshee, and still be good on flex shots. My XLs don't like to flex, unless I get them really high up. Also want a good wind driver, my Champion Banshee still fades out fast in the wind. We'll see.

171 Champion Banshee (6/10) A utility disc, pretty much. For tricky things. I'm starting to see a smidge of turn, but if you blink you'd probably miss the turning portion of the flight. Still fades hard. Also use it on some long approaches (200ish) I know I could throw my Rhyno there, but the Banshee is just so darn predictable, and I don't have to throw it as hard as my Rhyno to get it there. Super rangeable, don't have to worry about OAT too much (although I should), probably my favorite disc in the bag. Also one of my oldest discs, I'd probably cry if I lost it.


I know, I only have two. But I can power up the Rhyno, or power down the Banshee for that overstable spot.

175 DX Cobra (7/10) Sorta understable. Definatley can hold a turnover all the way to the ground, if I need it to. Will fade out of a hyzerflip, but goes really far on a hyzerflip.

180 Champion King Cobra (8/10) Reliable, stable midrange. Can hold hyzer lines well. If I don't over throw/oat it on a flat throw, it goes straight with a decent fade it the end. Really nice.


168 Yellow DX Rhyno (7/10) Putting putter. When I got this, it was the only one left at the store. It flies like it was already beaten up, which I'm kinda glad about. A fresh one would be too much for me to putt with.

175 Red DX Rhyno (8/10) Approaching/short drives. Flies like a Rhyno is supposed to, at least from the flight numbers. Super high speed stable, strong fade if it doesn't hit the ground first. Low glide, you know. When it beats up, I'll get a fresh one and putt with this one.

160 R-Pro Polecat (?/10) I'm not sure what to call the condition on this, but I'm sure it's pretty bad. Anyway. Approaching/short drives. Floaty, glidey, touchy, a little understable from the wear. Pretty much the opposite of a Rhyno. Hits and sticks very well. Also one of my oldest discs.

And that's it. I can't add any more discs, because my bag is out of room, and I don't want to take any of my discs out And I'm sticking with these discs (although I'll replace one if I lose one) until I can reliably hit 330 with one of my discs. I'm assuming it'll be an XL, but I'll take that distance from any of them

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