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Actually, the disc pollutes the environment far more before it touches your hand, then even burying an entire disc into the ground. Consider what is needed for creating the discs. Creating/extracting the materials, creation of the molding machine, running the equipment, transporting the plastic. Now, consider what is needed for all of that stuff, energy and water. You would be amazed a just how much water and energy it takes to create even something as small as a disc. Every step in the process uses energy and water, and every step in the process leaves behind pollutants. I read an article in school about just how much energy and water it took for basic everyday goods like water bottles or even brushing your teeth. You never think about the coal burned for the electricity used in the creation and manufacturing of every day life, but it is staggering.

Google 'pollution of molding plastics' and you'll find all sorts of information about the 'cradle to the grave' energy uses and pollution that you would never even consider without thinking about it.

Though to be realistic, driving to the course is probably far worse for the environment than throwing a few discs. That's not even considering how much energy and pollution it takes to make your clothes, create/fix your food, or even manufacture the bed you sleep on at night.

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