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It was a great time! We had 8 people with us I think, including Smokey! First time I've gotten to play when there was a dog with us I think.

Jason's friends really like my Tangent and Amp during the field practice afterwards. They kept asking "What is that white one with the rubber rim, it flies awesome!" and "That black disc went so far" lol

Also, Jason lost his keys, which were hanging out of his back pocket the entire round; he had them on one of those long keychain things. One of his friends got the idea to check back to the footage to see if we could see them hanging out of his pocket and we did. We checked each tee off and noticed he had them on hole 5, but didn't have them on hole 6.

Went back and found them in hole 5's fairway

If you notice in the video, you'll see he doesn't have them anymore when he tees off on hole 6
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