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These stories scare me, can't wait for the first freeze. Yellow jackets are nasty, and will sting for no reason. In the late summer and fall they literally get drunk and sting whatever. I never had a big problem with stings until last year. I've been somewhat allergic and ended up in the ER last year for a sting on my hand. This yellow jacket chased me down and the stinger (Yes it was a yellow jacket, not a honey bee) actually got stuck in my hand, and then of course I did the worst thing and pulled it out as a knee jerk reaction and squeezed the rest of the venom into my hand. My hand ballooned to 3 times the size it should be and couldn't move my fingers and then the reaction spread to the rest of my body and started having my airways swelling. If I get stung in the neck or face I'm gonna be in some trouble. Unfortunately I'm allergic to benadryl, but I do have an epipen kit in my car now.

Lately I've been freaked out by deer flies because they look and act like yellow jackets and they have been harassing me all summer. I was at the Blockhouse and thought I disturbed a nest of yellow jackets and ran back to my truck, and the deer flies pursued me, and I thought I was in a scene of Cujo with them hitting against my windows.
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