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Question Should Prodigy do away with the "mixed bag"?

With the recent release of the four fairway drivers, I was curious as to when the Prodigy owners would say to their sponsored players "Ok guys, it's time to just throw Prodigy".

I'm not saying Prodigy's 16 discs covers every shot (maybe they do, I don't know) and I'm definitely not the person to tell Prodigy owners or players what to do.

I completely understood why they started that way, being that when they started the company they only had two distance drivers (I don't care how good you are, you can't win a high level tournament with your only discs being two distance drivers), but as they came out with more discs, I noticed they were filling out their line-up quite nicely.

I'm just curious what others thought about the Prodigy "mixed-bag" situation and how long it'll be before Prodigy players throw only Prodigy discs.

Thoughts anyone?
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