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Ya, the worst thing you could do is call the City all irate over not keeping up your Disc golf course. The City is more likely to just say "screw that" and the course could be pulled. Make sure you are very political in your approach, and like the above poster states, try to get the background first. . My Local course, the City owns the land, upkeeps the portable toilet, parking lot and does some Fire Safety landscape work, but 99% of the course upkeep is the local club's job. They Club and the City have had up and down relationships over the years, but right now it is quite good. The City gets some things out of it, and so does the Club. For example, the City needs a place to dump big Trees that fall down, the Club needs big trees to act as borders on the Out of Bounds. They let the city dump their trees, and the golfers discs don't go out of bounds as much.
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