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On August 3 I informed Brian Graham and Rebecca Duffy (Board president) that, although elected, I would not take office when the new terms start September 1. I recommended that Shawn Sinclair be appointed to take my place.

The main reason for my action is that Board members have a duty of loyalty that I would not be able to fulfill. After my oh-fer of June and July, documented by several of you who posted snippets of meeting minutes on this thread, I have given up hope of ever being able to accomplish anything significant for the little people from service on the Board. Instead of working optimistically for positive goals, I would likely spend the next term working pessimistically (and unsuccessfully) to obstruct other Board members from enacting programs that they clearly believe in. That is an impossibly negative prospect. It is also dishonest because it is actively disloyal. I need to get out of their way and let them do their thing.

It works both ways. Recent developments suggest to me that there may well be attractive options for the little people outside of the PDGA, and I want to be able to look into them and perhaps even help develop them. The duty of loyalty to the Board prevents me from doing that, and also from being as candid on this message Board as I would like. I now believe that I can be far more effective working outside the Board than from within. Starting September 1, I will be able to do just that. My first project will be to revivify my Divisional Tour Newsgroup, which has suffered from inattention while I tilted at windmills on the Board. I will continue to post here, on a different thread, when I feel like I have something worth saying.

Some people believe that I dislike the PDGA. Not so. The PDGA has done, and will continue to do, many wonderful things. Some of these things have changed my life, big time, in amazing ways. I expect that I will remain a PDGA member because for me the positives still outweigh the negatives. I would even work for the PDGA, so long as the work I was doing was going to improve the lot of the little people. Some Board members claim to have valued my “different perspective” on things. I told Brian and Rebecca that anytime they wanted an antithetical opinion, I would be happy to provide it, but that I don’t need to be on the Board to do it.

Some believe that I dislike Open players. Also not so. I have happily contributed thousands of dollars of my own money to their purses, and I wish for them to prosper from their efforts in the game. My only disagreement is where the money for the prospering should come from.
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