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I got to know Scott (and Lacy) a little bit as he passed through Iowa a few times in the late 90's. Honestly a great guy, and he really did treat everyone well -- and his on-course demeanor was refreshing and exemplary, whether it was a big tournament or an informal round just playing for play.

One throw story:
He played our weekly doubles league in Des Moines one week, and since I was league director at the time, I rigged the random doubles draw to make him my partner. We came to a 320ish hole with maybe a 30-foot wide fairway bordered by (oak-ish) trees. The branches arced into the fairway to make for a low ceiling. Instead of throwing a low straight shot or a roller like everyone else, Scott looked up, and grabbed for his Stratus. He stepped up and threw this thing on a 90-degree anhyzer -- pretty much the exact opposite of a 90-degree spike hyzer -- up and out of the canopy. It flew in this vertical orientation almost all the way to the basket. It knocked a few branches on re-entry or it might have rolled a bit upon hitting the ground -- if it didn't just buckle in half from the height it was coming down. Crazy.

Imagine the wrenching on your body to throw a vertical anhyzer about 300 feet forward and god-only-knows how high it got. It hurts just thinking about it.

This wasn't really meant to be a thread about Scott, but it's easy to understand how any mention of him turns into that. We old-schoolers are lucky to have seen/known him.
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