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Originally Posted by Smigles View Post
It's a random draw tournament. How you finish is pretty much down to luck on the draw, unless you are the strongest player in the field and would win playing alone.

So people who are coming there and expecting to compete seriously for something "on the line" are in the wrong place IMO. They can play serious events and try to win cash

But random draw tournaments are IMO more about the socialising, having fun, and partying. Again, if you dont like that, I think you are in the wrong place.

So while the young drunk was insensible ( which was his rigth though, he came there to party while chucking a few discs every now and then ), I dont see anybody having the rigth to call him on it. All you can do is go with the flow. As long as it is not a PDGA tournament where drinking is forbidden, there is not much you can do.
No it isn't his "right". Being drunk in public and in most cases having open containers in public parks is quite literally not within your rights. I realize that your opinion that dubz is for socializing and partying is shared by a number of disc golfers which is why i don't play dubz anymore. As far as the OP goes, had i been put in the same situation as the older timer mentioned i would have left my partner too.
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