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Originally Posted by StarFirebird View Post
They other day I was throwing my Saints and PD's side by side. The Saints and PD's were both going around 380ft and traveling similar lines,similar fade.

My Gold Line is starting to break in just a wee bit and it is starting to feel like it is going to overlap with my P-PD which is Straight with a little bit of fade. Almost like a Faster TL.

My Opto is still beefy even though I have hit 4 trees with the thing. I feel it is overlapping with my S-PD and unless I throw my C-PD Flat it is overlapping the C-PD.

I know I just recently put my PD's back in the bag,but man is it possible the Saint's are gonna kick them out?

At the moment I feel that I don't need the PD's in the bag anymore. The Saint goes further and flies better at the moment.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy to think this is possible?
Only thing you may need to consider is wind. I havent thrown peedees, but from what I hear they hold up better than a saint. My saints are my favorite drivers, but anything over 10mph head/crosswind, im considering throwing a different disc or shot.
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