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Default Facebooks ruining disc prices?

I know and I dont blame people...go to where the money is. If people will pay it why not take advantage, but its frustrating. I see people try and charge retail+ for used discs on there and people pay it. The real frustration is discs that are even slightly collectible.

I remember when I first started playing, granted I didn't pay nearly as much attention to OOP stuff then, but it seemed that CE was what brought the money. Most other stuff, which commanded a bit of a premium could be had for a reasonable price. Maybe its an illusion and maybe its been like this for a while but it doesn't seem like it. Now it seems like anything OOP is bringing CE + prices. Pre Barry Leos, 40+, KC pro, same, JK valks..same...etc etc.

Im not talking 10/10 stuff here, I can understand high prices for that. Im talking even throwers. I see inked up thrower dark colored crap going on FB for 25+ regularly. Don't even get my started on Prodigy......

So what do you think ? Do you see the same thing? Do you think it will normalize eventually or is this the way it is from here on out and the oop thrower market is dead for a guy that just wants reasonably priced decent stuff to throw.....
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