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Originally Posted by StarFirebird View Post
We had some pretty good winds the other day and the Opto Saint held it's own pretty good in the wind. The Gold Line did great as well,but it shown a little turn before fading out.

At the moment I'm gonna take the PD's out of the bag,just to see if I miss them.

The Gold Line Saint does feel like it will be like a faster TL when seasoned. It's going to be a great disc for sure once beaten in a little.

The Saint I have in Opto is pretty dang beefy and I've been putting some mustard on my Opto and it will not turn over. My furthest shot with the Opto is around 395ft,which surprised the heck out of me considering it's a 9 speed disc.

All 3 of my PD's are pretty seasoned. They are at the point where the flights will not change on these discs,unless I run them over with a car or something. lol. As I mentioned earlier I will take the PD's out just for a bit to see if I miss them or not.
You have a saint that you throw 400' and it doesnt have any turn? I want one like that! I have a max weight opto saint that has a -1 turn (with no wind) when thrown out to 375'. And every GL ive had has about a -2 turn when pushed out that far.
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