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Just wanted to add that I recently added the Volt to the bag, and so far I am loving this thing!!
I have liked the Axis, but never bonded with the putters from MVP.
This fairway/control driver is exceptional IMO. I am actually carrying one in max weight and another at 171g. They both consistently freaking BOMB. The max weight is like a super long Teebird which is my favorite aspect of the disc, and the lighter one is like a long Eagle x.

The other thing I love is the Proton plastic! It is crazy grippy for a plastic this rigid and Champy. The flatness of this disc, combined with the tack of the plastic, far and away is the closest thing I have ever tried to old CE. It feels like my 1st run CE Valkyrie in hand and flys like a bad ass 11x Teebird on nitromethane!

Like other MVP discs I've tried, it is incredibly consistent and predictable. It will do the exact same thing every time, and flies exactly how you tell it to.

This mold will not leave my bag for a long time.
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