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Originally Posted by PerpetualNewbie View Post
400 calories seems somewhat high for just an hour of disc golf... are you subtracting out your BMR calories for that hour or do the 400 calories include them? If it includes them I could see it, but then that would make that number a bit (unintentionally I'm sure) misleading... What did you use to calculate the calories?

I've been playing for about 4 1/2 months now and have lost a total of 35lbs so far by combining the exercise of 1-4 rounds of disc golf (average 2 rounds/day), 30 minutes of putting practice (2x 15-minute sessions) and 30-60 minutes of field work per day along with better portion control of my meals and cutting out late-night snacks. I still eat pizza, burgers, ice cream, etc. just not as much at each meal.

I started trying to lose weight about a month before I got into DG, knew I was in bad shape so I didn't even weigh myself to start (estimate 245lbs), but after a month of 4-hour intermittent fasting and tight calorie control with Loseit I was at 230lbs. I weighed in at 196lbs. this week, hoping to lose another 15-20 but I'll probably have to get serious about counting calories again if I want to lose that much more.

Disc golf is the only exercise I've been doing this summer, so from a purely anecdotal standpoint I would whole-heartedly recommend it as a (fun) exercise component of a weight loss program!
My calories burned were calculated using a heart rate monitor, as stated. Probably the most accurate at-home way to measure calorie expenditure.

And no, BMR would not be subtracted from that, which would be a little over 60 calories. Nobody subtracts BMR when talking about calorie expenditure, although I could see why you would want to.

400 may be a tad high, which would be due to the elevated heart rate caused by high heat and the tail-end effects of my EC stack. However, the fact that my cardiovascular fitness is very high I think my numbers would hold up for the "average" person.

On an incredibly easy, flat course perhaps the calorie expenditure would drop down to the low-300's....then after subtracting BMR you might look at burning an extra 250 calories per hour. This number is still good for the type of person who gets mind numbingly bored with exercise and would rather just play a fun and easy game for a couple of hours. On a very hilly, challenging course I suspect the number could jump up closer to 500 calories per hour.

On a side note, for someone trying to build muscle and who is weary of doing too much cardio, disc golf would be a great muscle-preserving, low intensity cardio session that specifically targets fat stores at the 50-65% of maximum heart rate zone.
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