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I'd love to see the same analysis on my 2 home courses. They both kick my ass even when I'm well conditioned as both are around 2x bigger then the one you listed and hilly as hell.

here's one, the other sadly has taken the course out as it has new management

Im sure I burn over 1000 calories during a full round and its usually like 2+ hours to play for just 2 people and end up being 3+ with 3 or more people. During winter I do cardio on a bike but with these courses I just hit the course and play a half round alone for a quick cardio workout. I'd laugh at anyone that thinks discgolf can't be a real workout.

Side note: I got an obese friend of mine into discgolf this year and we went like 3x a week at the one I listed and the first couple of times he couldnt play the next hole after an uphill hole. Now he dropped more then 50 lbs mainly just from golf. He doesnt take care of himself and this was just me trying to get him healthy so he can watch his kid grow up.
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