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Originally Posted by whitechocolate View Post
My friend and I threw boomerangs before we ever played disc golf. It's fun if your into being outside and throwing things with snap. We wore a "catching glove". I don't know if they really exist, but it doesn't stop your hand from getting cut up and bruised. We made up a game that played to 21. Different ways to score points, we made up tricks, and was full contact. So the rubgy of boomerangs I guess. When I throw a disc now and a branch gets me in the eye, I have flashbacks of having my head taking off by a boomerang. I loved going to work and explaining giant bruises on my face.

Just like disc golf if someone was to take it up they should start with beginner friendly rangs. The Aspen, Triblader, and Rainier would be my suggestions. Colorado Boomerangs also make something in glow (and are my prefer vendor from experience). They make different rangs that go different distances. Long flights and quick catch. Unlike disc golf, they make right and left handed rangs. And ironically we have a bag filled with boomerangs as well.

Sorry for the serious boomerang post. I got excited just like when someone brings up disc golf.
so then maybe you can answer my question.

what does competitive boomeranging entail?

what does the #1 ranked boomeranger do to earn that title?
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