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I just took down Nashville's putting league. We partnered with a local Bar/Club and did it inside! Being a club style bar we had plenty of room to take over, and they opened up on thursday nights just for us. (They were only a fri/sat/sun bar) We had 4 baskets at different distances and heights. Each basket had a point total 25, 50, 75, 100. Men had a single point and double point lines to choose to putt from. We gave ladies a shorter line so they had a single, double, and triple point line. You were given 5 putts and you tried to reach the highest point total. If you ever made all 5 putts on the same basket or going around the world you received bonus points. We set it up with 8 baskets where two players could compete simultaneously, so two set ups of 4 baskets each. This allowed us to get more attempts in. It ran from 630-1030 and you could show up any time to get a score counted. It was an 8 week season taking your 5 best scores. We found sponsors and the bar provided a $10 & $20 tab to the winners weekly. We charged $10 a head and that all went back into the league. The first go around we had over 60 participate, gave away a Discatcher Pro to 1st, Bullseye to 2nd (I won dat shiz) and 30 discs to the top 15.

We are also looking for other formats to keep it interesting?!?!
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