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I've been thinking one of the next waves of disc golf growth could be the sport reaching a point where disc golf could be considered a viable agri-tourism type activity. Not a labor of love, but truly viable.

This would be for smaller scale land owners, such as family farms, etc that otherwise could be looking to supplemental income to support the continued holding of their family land. Right now there are options for supplemental income from corn mazes, and other agri tourism pursuits. some of these side uses may even be subsidized to some degree by some programs.

However, for the small to medium farm owner to see benefit, the pay to play would have to make sense and accomplish the mission of actually bringing in supplemental income.

That means it by definition will not be 100 percent fee value turned around to players. 'cause that's not sustainable. The juice has to be worth the squeeze as they say.

Maybe some day, maybe some day soon perhaps. (likely an example or two or three +already, especially if you consider tree farmers)
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