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Originally Posted by JC17393 View Post
As someone who not only frequents pay-to-play courses, but operates one as well, I do have to caution people that the two items I bolded can't always be assumed just because the course is pay-to-play.
JC makes a good point that should be noted. The asking of a fee does indeed often set a tone that leads to those things happening more often (all things being equal) but he's right in that it doesn't ensure it.

It's because there are people involved. If you ever had the inkling to do it, you could spend time delving into the ongoing issues that high cost to participate activites have. They're essentially the same issues. Ball Golf -it's pace of play, ettiquette, courtesy, destructiveness, vandalism, trash. It's all the same core issues. The money difference didn't eliminate them, they are still there - just the way it acts out is different. Still management, still people getting ruffled about something. Marshals spend all day clashing with irresponsible jerks. Still disrespectful behavior.

But the odds of encountering it are lessened for any single pass through experience.
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