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Originally Posted by bfowler View Post
How does the AMP compare to a Lat64 Fury? They sound a lot alike. My Fury Hyzerflips to a laser beam and has glide for miles. It's also very, very controllable on anny throws.
Originally Posted by bfowler View Post
Hey, bfowler, I just got an Amp the other day and it's the disc I've been looking for forever. It's easy straight distance and very controllable. You can really make it do whatever you want. I have about 300 feet of power so your results may very. It's the long Axis I always wanted but much easier to control. It's actually the first MVP disc I've gotten that doesn't make me use really good form. It's not as tight.

The fury for me is much more understable. If I throw a Fury flat it's going to hit a great long anny line. My red 172 Amp just goes straight for a long time. Easiest 300 feet in my bag.

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