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Default Hole 22 Vallarta-Ast Token Creek - Wi Tour Finale

11 On Hole #22 - The Easy Way!

Birdie hole #21 to get back to even for the round.

Check wind on tee, and determine that it's a crossing from the right headwind, and it's blowing!

Smooth a Pig out to the right, watch it go up the headwind elevator, make it's sweet move back to pin, and watch it land inches long! Sonvagun.

Walk to drop pad, take a little off of a Zone, and watch it get wind slammed down, and skip off the top of the rocks. Dagnabit.

Put extra spin on a P4, and watch it covering the pin in flight, until it nicks a pole, lands on edge on the green, does a little lap on the ground, and finds it's way out the teeny tiny little opening in the rocks on the front of the green. Huh, what am I going to take on this hole?

Spin a little spike hyzer Firebird, and watch it land on my Pig, just long. Fornicate.

Spin a little spike hyzer Teebird successfully, leaving a 28 ft downwind putt. Gonna take some effort to focus on this putt after all this fun.

Slam Pig (too breezy for a magnet) off middle of front of cage, with authority.

Drop in 11. BOOM!

Finish next 12 holes in even par.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about amicably discussing and going over the count for the next 3 holes. Someone on the card said that "I'm not sure about the 11, but 11 is fair after all that." My position was , and still is, "I'm not sure if it was fair, but it was an 11!"
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