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Default How to load the wrist?

Maybe have had a bit of a breakthrough but its also something I knew wasn't happening.

Ok so I was working out in the field a bit last night and trying a few things. I've read a lot about snap, the wrist, how it should load and release and all of that. My wrist doesn't load I don't think and it never releases so Ive never felt any of that. Its something I just try to let happen because everything I've seen says should be a natural thing and nothing ever mentions actively opening the wrist.

So I was reading something else and it mention actively "snapping" or opening to wrist at the peak of the throw, or maybe thats just what I saw. Either way I went out and tried it...and it seemed to be the key to everything. Did I get more distance? Maybe a little but that distance was coming easier and it felt like there was more potential there whereas before no matter what I did it went the same distance and I could never gain.

Secondly the discs were flying correctly.....understable discs were flying in nice s turns, overstable discs were straight with a cut at the end etc. Also the disc punished me more when I threw poorly....example I have a 150 leo..if I threw it right it would fly nice if I torqued it it would crash and turn into a roller...If I released an Overstable disc on a hyzer out would cut left hard....etc

As the disc came out and I opened my wrist I could feel the disc coming around and ripping out, it was a totally different feeling than before.

So after that wall of text, I apologise,.....I feel like I'm doing something wrong but its working....

What should I be doing to get my wrist to load and release naturally because that's definitely one of the fundamental things holding my game back I feel Or is the active opening and release of the wrist at the end of the throw the right thing to be doing and its just something no one ever mentions, which I would find hard to believe.
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