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Originally Posted by kirkmanbrandon View Post
I have been working hard to getting my backhand better, I am still pretty new and can usually get it out to 200-220' but anything I flick seems to be more consistent and usually around 250-280'. The funny part is that I practice my backhand way more but my forehand seems to remain just as solid, and slightly improve as well, with less practice.

The neutron volt was really the first disc that I started to get a good backhand down with outside of my buzzz and on top of this it's excellent with my forehand so I am pretty sure I might as well just get a proton volt to compliment it.
I use an N Volt and a P Volt and it really is nice. I backhand almost exclusively except for get out of trouble shots, and the thing I like about the P Volt is that I can get N Volt lines into a 20mph headwind. I have a slightly seasoned shock that I'll probably put on the shelf after I get my hands on resistors because the P Volt can handle Shock lines with distance. Now when the P Shock comes out.....that's another story. N Shock lines into a 20 mph headwinds? Write me up for a few
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