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Originally Posted by bfowler View Post
Perfect form is the whatever form gets the disc to do what you want it to do to it's maximum potential.

Different people have different body types and physical motions so no two are exactly the same but we can come up with certain things that almost all good disc golfers do that yield the best and most consistent results.

It's not rocket science but it is science.
There is a 2nd component. Efficacy, as bfowler notes above is the 1st component. The 2nd is injury avoidance.

Good form achieves the results without breaking down the body, even considering constant use over many years.

The best Pro athletes have successful, long term careers. They can make the games they play look effortless because they are so smooth, balanced, graceful and fluid.

But since all of us have different bodies what works best for any one of us is a function of our both our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the wisdom to listen to our bodies and walk that tightrope between too little and too much training.
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