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Originally Posted by MNThrower View Post
Playing at Kaposia today there was some league going on but plenty of room for me and a couple buddies to sneak on and play a round. On one of the last holes by the huge valley down by the far back side I spotted a disc on the hill and almost broke my neck going to get it. Ended up having a name and number on it, so despite me wanting the disc I texted. The guy was there and said he'd meet me at the practice basket. I met up with him and handed it back, despite the disc saying "reward $$$ or pick of any disc" the dude just said "hey man I've got no cash sorry" and blew me off.

Not that I needed the money or any more plastic but such a bummer the dude would put that on his discs and not honor it. Bigger bummer about it is the dude looked familiar and I think I remember him doing that to someone else at the course earlier this year.
I should know better than to complain about fellow disc golfers on this site. The dude contact me on here and apologized for the impression I got from the situation. I talked with my buddies a bit and we decided this isn't the same guy who did it earlier this year at Kaposia - which was part of what had me bummin (not for myself, I don't need his plastic or money, just that it seemed people were baiting people into returning discs). So to all my fellow DG'ers, and to this gentleman that I badmouthed a bit on here, I apologize.

Overall I was just happy to get the guy his disc back as it had some sentimental value to him. The returning discs thing is still sort of odd to me as I've never gotten a call and consider my discs gone when I give up looking for them. But from my understanding those in this community generally do return discs and so I have been hoping I get a little bit of good karma out of it.
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