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I think that we have a slight obligation to one another to make our prep routines and ticks the least annoying they can be. It's part of having respect for your fellow players to NOT take as long as possible and do crazy weird things before every throw. Sometimes people are just a little quirky, and that's fine, but sometimes it really borders on disrespect.

For example, one of the guys who I learned a lot from and have played with for years was awful to play with when I first met him. Super nice guy, good player, and good person all around but he would step up to the tee and take 10 practice swings, back off, look at the line, take a few more practice swings, stop, say some random comment about what he is thinking, and then practice swing some more and FINALLY throw after a minute or two. I'm a pretty laid back person, and I don't get upset easily, but at some point I had to talk to him about this. My other friends wouldn't play with him because they found this stuff super annoying. The real problem was that no one had ever said anything to him about this and he didn't even realize it was a problem for other people.

After I talked to him he changed his habits immediately, and now everyone loves playing with him.

Anyway, people who are developing their game should do their very best not to develop odd habits when putting or throwing. You will have more friends in the long run, and no one wants to be the guy who everyone hates playing with because they are weird.
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