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So yesterday, 12/13/2013 about 8 of us went to play at the scrapyard in Matthews, NC, just outside of Charlotte and we just got finished with hole 10-12, not sure which it was, when two people came up to the teepad behind us. We yelled to play through, so we were sitting there shooting the sh*t, we just got finished w/ our last pharmacy school final for the year, so talking about that mainly. We were watching the guys behind us make some killer approach shots from out of the woods when all of sudden I recognized one of them. It was MJ, and he was w/ some girl that made a sick anny shot out of the woods. I said to my friends I know who that is, he is a discraft pro. I had to pull him up on my phone to prove myself. I didn't say anything to him at all as he passed though I knew it was him. So MJ, if you are reading this, if you remember playing the scrapyard on Friday, DEC 13th, and playing through a big group after hole of us recognized you, and didn't say anything to you...I was kinda speechless ha. I totally regret it not saying anything!!
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