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Originally Posted by Alcuin View Post
I don't mean to pick on you AFTC, but this is something I've seen mentioned throughout this thread that doesn't make sense to me. I don't think you can develop huge d (450'+) without developing accuracy alongside it. With 400' of max d, you can still strongarm the disc to get there. But 450' consistently is a different story.
I'll be the guy. I have 400' of consistent distance and accuracy with my Teebirds (on an open hole). I throw destroyers and bosses for longer shots than that. I regularly throw them 425'-475'. My accuracy left-to-right and distance control is suspect though. I'm maybe 35% accurate to within 30' of my intended target at 425-475' It's getting better, but I flip them over sometimes, sometimes they hyzer the whole way, and sometimes they are great. The percentage is maybe 50% at 425' and 20% at 475'.

I can throw my blizzard bosses over 500' on a distance line (threw 531' at BG Ams last year, 1' out of 4th place.) With little to no accuracy or control at all. 1 out of 10 will be perfect and finish right where I'm aiming. I would never use this throw or power in a round that means anything.

If I came and said I throw 500'+, that'd be inaccurate of my skills. If I were giving my accurate comfortable distance it is about 400'-425', on an open course I expect to have a putt at birdie at least 75% of the time at this distance.

The saying I've heard, and repeated a lot is "The easiest way to get more distance, is to temporarily stop caring where it goes" Getting out in a field and just letting loose and not caring about hitting your line, or mark, or whatever helps to get your arm speed up, your lower body into it more, and then you can hone the accuracy at that higher speed over time. I learned to play on a very long, wide open course, so accuracy was WAY less important than sheer distance. Hence why I throw further than many folks who learned on woods courses where accuracy trumps distance. (to this day it's why i beat better people than me on open courses, and get beat by worse players than me in the woods)

Distance <=> Accuracy is a tricky thing, and depending on where and how you learned disc golf can change the relationship. This is why a tip many people say, and I use on the course as often as possible, is "staying within yourself". I try not to use a shot that i don't have 50% or more accuracy with, on the course. It's playing it safe, but at my current skill level with all my discs, the smart move is to not risk that 1/10 that is REALLY REALLY BAD. at 425' i'm within 30' about 50% of the time, but within 60' probably 95% of the time. So i don't have the REALLY bad shot. But as soon as it goes to 450', 475'. Yes I can get it there....sometimes....20-35% of the time accurately....but the real problem lies in the other 65-80%....sadly I have NO IDEA where they will go.

This is why accurate distance and "Max D" distance are 2 different things.
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