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Originally Posted by DiscJunkie View Post
Pros play for money and they have to make decisions that increase their prospects for making a living.

However, sometimes those decisions should be seen in the long term.
If it's true that he's had 4 sponsors in 4 years, it may benefit him in the long term to slow down and settle in with a sponsor for the long haul.
You kind of have to consider his situation. He was with Innova and then started dating Paige Pierce and she likely convinced him to switch to Discraft. Then they split up and almost everyone chooses a new sponsor or goes with Prodigy so he probably wanted to do his own thing and wasn't really committed to Discraft yet anyway. In comes Prodiscus and they start with a bang but lately I haven't really seen them take off in popularity or production so he then is easily convinced to go with a more established bunch of companies where he can throw a wider selection of discs and possibly make more money doing so.

It just doesn't seem like a guy who is skipping around companies for the fun of it. He's a young talented player who was being pulled around by other people for four years it seems to me. Hopefully he's happy where he's at now.
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