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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
^OMG! It's bad enough with an avg hole length of 225 that criss-crosses all over the park, where people throw putters and mids that are fairly easy to control. That layout that showing and avg hole length of about 400 ft /hole takes the insanity to a new level. Not only will those lengths encourage using drivers, which are less accurate and harder to control, but the extra distance will only make it harder to see anyone who may be up ahead, about to cross into the fairway.

Whomever designed and/or proposes that layout in that park should be... I have no words.
To this point, most of the comments assume that the disc that injured the woman was thrown by a chucker, but given that the published alternate layouts--one of which appears to have been created with at least the tacit approval of the Beach City Disc Club--were designed by individuals who are, or at one point were, PDGA members (#s 23362, 48221, and 53915), maybe we shouldn't be so quick to assume it was a chucker.
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