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Originally Posted by luckless_pedestrian View Post
First, it's sad that Discraft isn't just getting MJ to Worlds.

Luckless, I think based on these 2 responses people have gotten from sending Discraft email, the money MJ is raising isn't going to be the only way he gets there. Discraft has heard. Whether we get MJ branded discs is a different question.

Originally Posted by bfowler View Post
Here's the response I got.

"Thanks for your interest and support for MJ and Team Discraft. We will help him get to world's I'll do everything I can. Thanks again.

Bob Julio"
Originally Posted by prototypicalDave View Post
Since we're sharing responses, here's what I got back:

Have no fear I think MJ is a great guy and after I seen his post about world's fundraising on Facebook I had decided to do something for him. Your support for MJ and Discraft is greatly appreciated.

You know, I think one of the other more loved figures here on DGCR is Mike C. Imagine if Mike C and MJ were working together heh. Nothing really Comet-esque from MVP tho. Both of them are great examples of grassroots support from fans.

Hey MJ, any chance of that In the Bag video? I bet I and a lot of other people would love a series of videos, talking about your technique, giving tips on different sorts of things. Whether it's you making your own vids ala Mike C or Discraft deciding to make some new technique videos and tapping you to do a few of them, either works. Oh and yes, if I lived down in NC, I would definitely be down for those clinics and/or lessons others mentioned.
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