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Default Best way to sell extras?

So right now I have too many extra discs. I am tired of lugging the bins around so people can see if they want something at my local league and stuff. I will probably never throw any of them again, and if I want to, I can always just buy another.

So now I am trying to figure out the best way to get rid of them. Should I just put up one big lot on ebay? Or should I break them down into small lots of 3-10? If I break them into small lots should I just do mixed packages, or do lots of like 6 PDs / 8 Challengers(things like that)? Should I go with ebay, sites like this, or something like dollardiscgolf?

Any help from people that have dealt with selling stuff in the past would be appreciated. Also any tips on best methods of shipping would be nice.
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