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Just getting home from my trilogy challenge here in Emporia at the Peter Pan Park course. It was fairly warm and near 90-95% humidity all day. It rained some during my round in the morning and had rained a lot yesterday so plenty of mud. Despite all that we had a decent turnout for only having a week notice that I would be running this event and the weather. 36 packs sold and 35 players. Got to say thanks to Jeremy Rusco for letting me takeover as the TD for this event and letting us raise money for a new course. He loaded the RV with the player packs and brought them over to the course and we had the sound system going. It was just more than I could ask for.

Funny enough he covered for me in the morning while I played my round and then I took back over for the rest of the day and him and about 6 other DD employees went out to play their rounds. I don't think he's played in months. Maybe more. He shoots a -5 round of 50 and wins the advanced division lol. That's awesome. Of course he forfeited his right to the winner's pack and we got to send him off with his own winner canvas for the wall. Great event I can't wait to do one next year.

Here's our winner.

Here's a photo Rusco took of my new best friend for today. This duck loved me. Must have been all that wheat bread. I couldn't get her to stop following me. She bit me on the leg then followed me to my truck to get a ride home.

My disc of the day was actually the Shield. I hit a few beyond 40 feet but it's still too overstable and not enough glide to become my putter. Gotta stick with the judge. I'm just a lot more consistent and better with it. Love the Shield as an upshot putter though. I may keep them around for that.

I sucked with the claymore. I had griplocks and just not a lot of great shots with it. I do think it will be one of the better Lat64 mids but it's just not what I need. I'm all in with the Truth.

Disc that got the most praise was the Thief. Very true to the numbers I'd say but a few thought they were slightly more flippy. I did watch a few players bomb them and a friend of mine hit his personal distance best with it. About 485 unofficial. At least 475. Pretty good considering it's a speed 8 and until then it took a Sorcerer or Havoc for him to throw 475. Lot of star teebird comparisons. I'd say that's accurate but only if the star teebird had about a year of wear on it. I think it's more like a faster and more glide eagle myself.
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