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Originally Posted by Jenga54 View Post
Even for us, there was like 90 of them out of the thousands dropped for us. Gone in 2 minutes on the light weights so very hard to get.

I'd recommend they make maybe 20-25% in sub-175 for max rim drivers, and 5% or less on putters. I think the sub-175 were 2% or less on this production run
Totally understandable and we feel the same way, though it didn’t seem that way. We were able to make a speedy second batch of S-Line DD3 much faster than expected (Innova came through with flying colors. ALL of our hats off to them for making that happen, seriously) But these just needed to be heavy to speed things along and keep moving. You can expect that when the third batch arrives there will be plenty of lower weights for everyone.

Originally Posted by Ericf View Post
Been looking for this myself....Very frustrating
Originally Posted by broomerang View Post
Agree but it should probably be 50% or higher for drivers and fairways. At least 20% under 165 and 30% 165-174.

The only molds I’m really looking for max weight on are putters, mids, and wind only discs. I’d much rather have 1 175 PD2 and 3 lighter ones. Same for DD3, FD3, CD3/2 etc.
I believe the only disc online at the moment that doesn’t have lower weights are the DD3s. Some things like the remainder of the S and C-Line DD perhaps are all we have left.

Originally Posted by krooster View Post
Thanks for running P2's in the soft p-line plastic.

Any chance that there will be more P1's run in soft p-line? It's darn near indestructible but my greatest fear is losing one and not being able to get a replacement since I use them for most of my putter drives (and upshots and putts).
The P-Line plastic in drivers will not be made again unfortunately. There’s always a chance for something Mystery Box related at some point but even that chance is rather slim. G-Line as well will not be an option in the future.

Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
Any news on the prod run of Royal Rages?
Royal Rage should be due in no more than 2 months They’re coming

Originally Posted by ArtemisClydFr0g View Post
Will we see another run of the P1x in S-line (or swirly)? I picked up a swirly P1x a while back and it's been my main approach disc for a while. The S-line keeps it reliably stable even in headwinds, but it never really fades. Would love to see it in regular S-line too.

Also, when is the next run of [stiff] P-line P2s? Stock seems to have dried up for the most part. I see the randoms left on a handful of websites, but not much of a selection.
Stiff P2: Very soon. These have been made but not yet received.

P1x: Unlikely. Most plastics in this disc other than the D-Line aren’t very popular. It’s a great disc for sure but a bit of a risk to make an S-Line one or Swirl.
Keep an eye out for the Link. You may or may be thrilled with this one.

Originally Posted by midairmatthew View Post
Hey Discmania. I love your way. I wanna tell you I love your way, I wanna be with you night and day.

Anyway, please please please consider doing more runs of P-Line PDs. I have two in the bag and two fresh ones hanging out in a safe, undisclosed location...but they beat-in fast and I'm hoping to keep this relationship going.

I, and others, countless yearning others, would love the opportunity to buy a bunch more.

Also, did you know Peter Frampton's middle name is Kenneth? I just found out when I googled the lyrics. #tmyk
I wish that Peter Frampton made a Discmania song and then we can talk. Unfortunately P-Line drivers won’t return. Sorry about that. Hopefully we’ll have a good substitute for you in the near future that you like even more.

Originally Posted by B The V View Post
Can d line md3's happen??
These certainly will happen. Probably not this year though.

Originally Posted by DiscinFiend View Post
C-Line DD3s please
These will definitely happen for sure. We’ve got some pretty solid releases jam packed for this year so it may be likely that next year will bring a C-DD3 though.

Originally Posted by Alexplz View Post
Hey it's been a month since the last post, there are 3+ pages of questions on here... would appreciate an answer as to when we can expect a production run of FD2 RRs to drop.

Thanks for what you do, I'm sure you guys are busy this time of year.
We’re back! Sorry for the delays. Royal Rage should be here in 2 months or less.