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Originally Posted by acrosley View Post
I know the focus right now is on producing the origins molds (for good and obvious reasons), but is the Evolution line going away or will there be more runs of those discs?
Definitely not!

Originally Posted by seedlings View Post
With new manufacturing, I wonder if the Active line will quietly step aside? Paying 2 other manufacturers is a lot of paying.
No plans to discontinue any portion of Active line. These are great products and the manufacturer has been a crucial part of business for the last few years. We expect a fruitful relationship for years to come.

Originally Posted by DiscT View Post
I have a question for all the Discmaniacs here. We will approach this dilemma as a poll in light of the recent announcements for the end of this production season…

I’ve never done a Mystery box and would likely only do it once. So…do I…

Option 1: shoot for one this year anticipating it being epic to try to reassert their hype and dominance in the market?


Option 2: wait a year expecting another year under the belt of the new manufacturing facility will increase its epicness?

I could see Jussi making this year memorable but logic leans me toward next year. Any thoughts, advice, or insight from Discmania????

Fun to dream.
Only one way to find out! Mystery boxes lately have contained a much higher volume of unreleased plastic than ever before. A customer going into a purchase expecting a box full of new Originals and first runs, etc will not get their wish but other than that, we've got some good stuff in the works.