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Originally Posted by Monocacy View Post
The best way to fix OAT is to practice driving with putters and midranges. They will fly much farther than you think, but they will turn and burn if your throw isn’t clean. Try to keep all of your throwing motion on the same plane, and avoid rolling over your wrist at the end of your throw.
I have a quick question whose answer may help me and the OP.

I have a 168g DX Shark that is starting to get a little wear and a 175g S Wizard that is pretty nicked up but still flies fine. A full throw with the Shark will carve out an extremely small s-curve (mostly straight) out to about 270' or so if I get the height right. The Wizard under the same conditions (but a little higher) will make it out to about 250' or so with the smallest s-curve imaginable, almost undetectable. Is this any indicator of the amount of OAT generated by my form? I haven't got the Summit in the mail yet, so that will possibly be more telling.
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